The Market Share of Gondola Lifts

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The Market Share of Gondola Lifts

Beitrag von hsco » 06.10.2008 - 07:33

Would tell me where I can find this following information?
I'm looking for this for my thesis.

1. The global market scale and global market share of each famous companies, such as Doppelmayr, Garaventa, Leitner, Poma.
2. The annual sale(or revenue) and the number of employees for each famous companies. Additionally, how many gondola lifts has been installed by these firms?

If you know where it exists(websites, PDF files, web-magazines, or thesis) or you have, please reply or email me. Thanks!

PS. You can reach at me by these email addresses : or

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Re: The Market Share of Gondola Lifts

Beitrag von JanG » 20.10.2008 - 10:29

I'd try and get this information from the constructors...
I would have no idea if these numbers are publicly known...

and market share based on 1 year or based on all the constructed lifts or... (many varieties of market share...)


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