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Pics from Manning Park, Canada

Verfasst: 08.03.2005 - 03:25
Here is a link to pictures of all the lifts at Manning Park Ski Area in Southern British Columbia, it is a very small resort with barely any lift budget. Two chairlifts, Red and Blue Chairs, both made by Murray Latta, here is the link: ... ctures.htm

For lift data: ... 20Park.htm

For trail maps: ... ailMap.htm

Home Page:

Keep checking this website as new content is always being added!

Verfasst: 08.03.2005 - 11:23
von F. Feser

thank you for posting this link.
Is your homepage about all skiing areas in b.c. or just around vancouver or the midlands?
I'm really interested in the eastern resorts like kimberly, fernie, fairmont hot springs, kicking horse and panorama, 'cause im actually planning a trip to those next winter.

if you have any information bout these areas pls let me know.
(links to other pages?)

best wishes,

Verfasst: 10.03.2005 - 02:33
von Gast
I dont right now sorry, I hope to soon have coverage for all the ski resorts in British Columbia. What kind of info are you looking for? (Trail Maps, Lift Info, Official Website...)??

Verfasst: 10.03.2005 - 13:26
von F. Feser
looking for all information we can get :)

is there any discussion forum similar to the alpinforum for canada or especially b.c.???

Verfasst: 16.03.2005 - 02:25
I now have a forum for this kind of talk on my website

Forum URL

Verfasst: 16.03.2005 - 14:20
von F. Feser
thank you, i will register soon :)