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News: Early snow in New Zealand!

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Massada (5m)
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News: Early snow in New Zealand!

Beitrag von kerekip » 03.05.2006 - 22:05

Six weeks before the scheduled openings, 15-40 cm snow covers the southern hills of New Zealand.
The largest resorts are planning to open June 10, or later.

Report and photos from Snow.co.nz

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Jungfrau (4161m)
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Beitrag von Stani » 05.05.2006 - 13:48

wow, the pics are really cool! knee deep freshies in this month, its looking 4 a nice season in NZ. if the temperatures being to stay so low 4 the next weeks, than that's mean, an excellent base 4 the beginnin' of this season

Großer Müggelberg (115m)
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Beitrag von tEns0r » 05.05.2006 - 14:33

nice pics
I want to go to New Zealand :)
I <3 snow

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Beitrag von mate » 06.05.2006 - 17:56

I was living in nz for 1 year. the country is wonderful. the southern alps is really brilliant, but the snow is sometimes not so good. in the lower resorts can be wet due the high temperatures. the only one problem, and in my eye the biggest, that lots of resort haven't got snowguns, or the number of the artificial slope is poorly. So the mother nature is gracious, than due the lots of naturesnow will be no problem. However not, than a skitrip in the souhtern alps can be a very nightmare (lack of snow). Just imagine the european alps, example the austrian alps and their resorts without snowguns :!: In this case the season will be much shorter and wacky as nowadays. Unfortunately most of the nz resorts lies relative low ,mostly under 2000, none the less they have many peaks above 3000 m. but for heliskiing the land is a heaven !!! for normally skiing too, just find the right period

the best time to go skiin in nz is from august to september. generally in august falls the utmost snow. in the northern island from august to mid october. in whakapapa (the most brilliant resort, where I skied) you can find also during the nz summer some snow around the peak. the lifts are open untill mid november, end of november, after that whakapapa is closed for the winterseason.

ps this forum is excellent, but alas I don't speak german only english.

Mate from Budapest


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