Neue Skihalle in der Türkei

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Neue Skihalle in der Türkei

Beitrag von Wombat » 15.08.2006 - 22:27

Largest indoor ski-center in the world to be built in Afyon

EkoTürk News Agency / Afyon
15 August 2006

It has been reported that the largest indoor ski-center in the world will be built in Afyon at a cost of $400M. It is stated that there are similar facilities in USA, UK, and UAE, at present.
The preliminary studies in the project will be started in next month, after appropriation of a 1 million sq-m size area in the Central Aegean province of Afyon for the project by the end of this month.
The project will be carried out by a Belgian company called Snow Mountain. The project is named Snow Valley and includes an artificial lake, a 4,000-bed hotel, a number of villa houses, a ski-training school, and a sports complex.
The announcement of the project has been made by Parliament Plan and Budget Commission chairman and Afyon province deputy from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).
The deputy went on to say: ‘At present, the highest snow valley is in USA with 142 meters elevation. But, the elevation of new project in Afyon will be 147 meters. The snow valley in the new project will cover an area of 300 thousand sq-m. Another 300 thousand sq-m area will be allotted for an artificial lake with some water canals and vill houses on the lake.’
Sait Açba said they had been holding talks with the Belgian company for the last three months, And they would soon make a detailed project presentation.The company estimated 1,000 people employment for the beginning with a 3,000 people employment at full capacity, he added.
The area allocated for the project is owned by the Turkish State Railways (TCDD), part of a 2.2M sq-m vacant land lot.
Afyon Deputy Açba further said the project aimed at drawing foreign tourists rather then domestic ones, and the project would first of its kind as combining thermal amenities with winter sports.


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Beitrag von Stani » 15.08.2006 - 22:54


interessant,aber wer braucht eine Skihalle in der Türkei? die haben zahlreiche Berge und von Afyon mit knapp 3 Stunden Autofahrt könnte man Uludag erreichen..


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